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 GDA Staff Aplication

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PostSubject: GDA Staff Aplication   Sun Mar 01, 2015 8:47 pm

Galactic Duel Academy Staff Application

This is where you can apply for staff on the forum. Before you go and apply through the Google Form, please do read up on the description of each job.

Assistant/GFX Artist
This is the group for anyone who is good at doing GFX or is willing to do the jobs that we do not have listed as primary jobs. These would be War Organizers, which are people who set up a war team and go to other forums and organize a war, as well as Judges, whose job it is to dispute rulings problems over the forum.

Tournament Organizers
This is the group for people are willing to design a tournament for the members to participate in. It is their job to come up with the rules for it, how the tournament will be played, as well as make sure the tournament does not take too long.

This is the group for people who specialize in bringing people into the forum. Any and all methods besides going onto other forums and advertising is approved. In order to stay in this group you MUST maintain at least 5 new recruits per week.

This is the group for people who are specialized in testing. These people are to test the new recruits as well as people who buy/win a dorm retest. Besides applying, you must also do a mock test with a tester/admin where you use the testing rubric and essentially do an entrance test with them.

This is the group for people who are good at the game and are willing to share their knowledge with the forum. These people are to write lessons weekly for the forum on a game mechanic/deck/tournament recaps.

This is the group for people who have proven themselves to the forum. They have the privilege to get to watch over the forum and make sure that things run smoothly. This job can be applied for but it will be the hardest to actually gain access to.

Above was the basic description to each job on the forum. If you wish to apply to any of the forums please use the Google form below:

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GDA Staff Aplication

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