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 Starter Guide

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Galactic Duel Academy's Starter Guide

Table of Contents:

I – Introduction
II – Testing
III – Posting
V – Duel Points
VI – Dueling System
VII - Communication

We will be glad if you could post an Introduction about yourself. Our members will welcome you and help you start off here at GDA. You can find introduction section here

After you got your Introduction done its time for your test which will determine in which dorm you are placed. Here you can find the Testing Rubric. How the test works you want to know? Its concept its easy, it consists from a match duel and ruling questions. Into more specific now. Match duel – there you cannot use Meta decks(Elemental Dragons/Dragon Rulers, Prophecy, Evilswarm), Mill decks(EmptyJar), Stall decks, Burn decks(Chain Burn etc) and Instant win decks ( Exodia, Final Countdown), these decks are banned because we want to see some originality and skill from members we gonna test to make better decisions in which dorm we can place you. Also an important part of the test is your side deck, so be sure that its ready before your test.

Posting is the main job you have to do while you are a member of this academy. We are glad if you post as much as possible in the academy, but your post must be on topic and when you starting a thread you have to remember that you must do it in the right section as when you have some suggestion how to make this Academy more attractive and pleasant to be in you can do it in Suggestion section or you want some help with your deck, then post it to the Deck Help section. Lets see who can get to the Top posters of the academy!

Duel Points
Duel Points(DP’s) is GDA’s virtual money which allows you to order some stuff in GDA. DP’s can be used in GDA Main Shop. There you can order Decklists, Sigatures,  and Avatars. DP’s can be earned from dueling for Shadow Realm, making to the Top 3 in 8-16 Member tournament or getting to Top 8 in 16-32 Member tournament. To get more information about Duel Arena read it in this Topic and Tournaments can be found in this Section.

Dueling System
Dueling Systems are the programs we use to play YGO. GDA is using for its tournaments Dueling Network.

Members can communicate through the ChatBox that is found in the top of the page or in Dueling Network. There is also Private Messaging system to talk with each other.

If you need more information feel free to PM any Staff member.
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Starter Guide

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