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 VGC Team Review

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PostSubject: VGC Team Review   VGC Team Review Icon_minitimeMon Mar 09, 2015 7:18 pm

So I figured considering that I have been playing pokemon for a good while that I would share the steps it took me to build my latest team to help share the knowledge of at least how I craft my teams.

The Team At A Glance
The main goal of this team that I was building was to come up with a different way to get rid of Mega Kangaskhan in a different way that still provided lots of coverage. What I ended up coming up with was using Staraptor as I saw a streamer using it on one of his teams. I decided that along with it, I would use Landorus-T to round out my core considering both had intimidate and Landorus-T with Assault Vest is fairly bulky, as well as nice stab Earthquake.


I decided that my next choice for the team would end up being some tailwind support to help out with more of the speed control. I figured because my core contained two speedy pokemon that also having taunt to get rid of the possible Trick Room that could counter the team made sense. This led me with the options of Talonflame, Whimsicott, Aerodactyl, Mandibuzz, Thundurus, and Noivern. Figuring that priority would be a huge help for this, that left me with the options of Talonflame, Noivern, and Whimsicott. Talonflame wouldn't be a good choice because 3 physcial attackers makes the team easy to be tanked by 1 physical wall. Also Tornadus wasn't a good idea due to its lackluster move pool. This left me with the option of Whimsicott.


Considering all three had the obvious weakness to Ice, something to get rid of that next would make total sense. I didn't like the Arcanine that the guy was using on his team because that would make my team have 3 physical attackers which was stated why not to before. That left me with the options of running Chandelure, Rotom-Heat, Mega Charizard Y, Typhlosion, Heatran, Mega Houndoom, Moltres, or Volcarona. I decided that due to how much of a glass cannon my team was I would go with the only real defensive pokemon up there, which is Rotom-Heat.


The next thing that I figured I would cover in my team was my mega. I decided that I wanted another check to Mega Kangaskhan that also still did a ton of damage and had good coverage. I decided to gravitate towards Mega Lopunny because of its insane base speed and base attack stats. After running some calcs I found it had the damage to easily 1 shot Mega Kang, and Bisharp (2 big threats in VGC) 100% of the time, which is huge.


For my last poke, I wanted to have something that could check all those terrible fairy types running around, as well as a nice check to the ever popular Mega Venusaur and Salamance. This left me with the obvious choice of running Bisharp since it checked all those things and more.


At the end of team building, I was pretty happy with how balanced the team turned out. I had a nice core as well as good checks to a lot of threats in the game. So, like any person testing anything, I decided to bring it to the field to test. After testing, I managed to notice that I had no 100% checks to common water pokemon, as well as only had one check to other things such as fighting, psychic, and fairy. All of which isn't too optimal. I located that the pokes that were underperforming on the team were Whimsicott, Rotom-Heat, and Landorus. That being said, I decided to replace them with other pokes.


The first thing that I had to redo was my support poke. I decided that honestly Tailwind support was not important, and rather I could run Icy Wind and just slow down my opponents. With that being said, I decided to use a poke I had been testing on other teams which was Cresselia. It was an amazing, bulky support that could lay down some damage if needed.


The next thing I wanted to check was the obvious weakness to water types (Which are more common to having Ice moves). That being said, I wanted to use a fast and powerful grass type. In the end I wanted it to be a special attacker as well because of how physical my team was still. This left me with the options of Venusaur, Serperior, Ludicolo, or Roserade. I decided ultimately that Ludicolo was the best option because of its swift swim ability, fake out support, as well as nice special bulk with assault vest while still being able to hit hard on the special side.


For my last poke to round out the team, I wanted a good check to both fairies and psychic types. This naturally brought me to Gengar due to his dual typing allowing him to win against both, as well as him being a good check to Mega Kang (Which just so happened to be one of my teams whole points).


Again, on paper I was rather very pleased with how the team turned out. I was more pleased then the last team realizing that this team was a lot more well rounded and could cover more of the common threats in VGC which bugged my team before. Now came the field test. After doing the field test I found that my only losses were rather from either my opponent predicting better or me just not fully realizing my win condition until it was to late. So overall I was very pleased with how it came out. Now we can discuss each set for each poke specifically.

Team In-Depth
Staraptor Set:
Mega Lopunny set:
Bisharp set:
Cresselia Set:
Ludicolo Set:
Gengar Set:

Closing Thoughts

Granted, it took a good little while for me to work out the team and what I wanted to use and not use, I believe I managed to come up with a pretty solid team. You guys can feel free to copy the sets and use them on showdown and try the team out for yourself. I will make the remark that this team may not fit your personal playstyle which is ok because everyone has their own way of playing. If you guys have any questions on more in depth things, or on some of the sets, or even want me to work on a team with you just post a comment below and I will get back to you.

P.S. Sorry it was so long, but lots of info to cover. If you honestly read the whole thing, you deserve some kind of prize.

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VGC Team Review

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