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 pendlum summoning

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PostSubject: pendlum summoning   pendlum summoning Icon_minitimeSat Feb 28, 2015 7:36 pm

pendlums are a new type of special summons.they can be used as both a monster and a spell(will be explained later on) So theres a thing called pendlum cards these cards have pendlum scales. You can put these cards in something called the pendlum zone. The scale lvl determines wat cards u can pendlum summon. For example, if u have scale 1 and 9 u can summon between 2 to 8. These monsters have a continous spell effect(a spell so mst can destroy it) and a monster effect. The top effect is considered as a spell effect and the bottom is considered a monster effect. You can only use one of these effects depending on if you are using it as a monster or a spell. Also, when these cards are sent to grave they go to extra deck instead, but if it is negated it goes to grave. One pendlum summon can be banished by bottomless even if u pendlum summon more than 1 so be carefull. good cards to slide- anti-spell fragance, solem warning, bottomless trap hole, storm(mirorr match), fairy wind, twister
did i miss anything?
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pendlum summoning

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