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 Yugioh World Championship Tournament Roleplay

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PostSubject: Yugioh World Championship Tournament Roleplay   Sat Apr 05, 2014 10:31 pm

So along with all the new roleplays around I have decided to base a roleplay around a Tournament. Each player has been invited to see who the best of the best is! You play who ever you want to in this tournament. You CANT lose twice or you are out for good! But you can still roleplay just not duel. If you sign up you MUST abide to these rules.

1. All duels will be played on this topic. We will be on the honor system of not trying to cheat. You may use made up cards IF you can keep track of them and don't let them effect your game play.

2. Please no 1 liners. It shows being lazy. Try to at least post 3-4 lines each post. AT LEAST TRY.

3. NO GODMODDING. I can not over sell this. It isn't fair to the other roleplayers.

4. Abide to this skeleton.

Deck: (Made-up or Real) (Name of Deck:)
Any thing else to add:

5. Before you can Start to roleplay you must have approval of your character by me.

6. BANNED DECKS: Exodia,Burn,Stall,FTK,Meta,Instant Win Conditions.

7. Stay Active and Have Fun!!!!!


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Yugioh World Championship Tournament Roleplay

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