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 Catwardude's test results

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PostSubject: Catwardude's test results   Sat Feb 08, 2014 4:27 pm

Tester's Gogogos v.s Testee's Dustons.

Deck Construction: 40/60 (Sum of Creativity + Deck Consistency + Competitiveness)
Creativity: 10/20 Not creative at all. I've seen decks like this a lot of times.
Deck Consistency: 17/20 It is consistant, but there are cards that can kill it, like soul drain, skill drain and macro cosmos
Competitiveness: 5/20 Deck is based on locking opponent and drawing cards until you draw something that deals damage

Siding: 0/15 From what I saw, he didn't side or if he did, he didn't use any new cards.

Skills: 23/40 (Sum of Usage of Cards + Adaptability)
Usage of Cards: 15/20 Uses the same tactic on the same way, but should watch out for obstacles.
Adaptability: 8/20 From what I saw, single cards can make some noise against you. You should really focus on negating cards.

Misplays: 10/10 I didn't see anything wrong.

Overall Dueling Skills: 12/20 From what I saw, he was just too much focused on using the duston lock. You should really think outside of the box

Match Score: 30/30
Winning 2-0: 30/30
Winning 2-1: 20/30
Losing 1-2: 0/30

Total Score: 115/275

Congratulations! You made it to Photon Red.

Galaxy Wizard: 0-72
Photon Red: 73-144
Galaxy Dragon: 145-275

Advice: You seem to be a good duelist, don't run decks like that. Yu-Gi-Oh! is a competitive card game and you should really try to focus on using skill, which I believe you have. From what I saw, you can do much much more, just change your aspect.
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Catwardude's test results

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